Stewart and Ogden

A Scottsman by blood, Archibald Stewart was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1834. By the mid-1850’s Archibald was living in Northern Nevada where he was operating a freighting business. Stewart also operated a wood ranch but eventually settled on being a cattle rancher and running a butcher shop.

Archibald married Helen Jane Wiser on April 6, 1873. Archibald and Helen bore threechildren: William James, Hiram Richard and Flora Eliza Jane (known all her life as Tiza). Read More »

Peter Skene Ogden was a fur trader and explorer who explored Canada and the Western United States in the first half of the 19th century. During his many expeditions Ogden explored parts of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. Ogden served as Chief Trader of Fort Simpson for the Hudson Bay Company’s Columbia Department.

Ogden descends from a 17th –century British emigrant to the American Colonies. Read More »


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